11 Signs You’re the Mom in the Office

11 Signs You're the Working Mom in the Office

Everyone knows that motherhood has a profound impact on our lives, and nowhere is this more evident than in the workplace. It didn’t take long after I returned to work for the evidence to start slipping out. I pulled together some of my favorite episodes to make up this hilariously authentic list of 11 signs […]

Dear Men: Pee Doesn’t Come Out of The Love Tunnel

Dear men: pee does not come out of the love tunnel. A story about the time I discovered my husband did not understand the female anatomy.

It all started innocently enough with a case of “ouchie booty”. A nagging pain in my daughter’s little girlie parts that suggested a second threadworm invasion or perhaps an apparently common yeast infection. But when six weeks, three doctor visits, several urine analyses and 47 different tubes of cream failed to diagnose or resolve the […]

How to Ask Your Kids for a Raise

bored mom looks on while daughter plays at computer white background

“Hi Lynn, if your annual review seems like a chore, try remembering that it shouldn’t be a one way street where your boss is doing all the talking – Make the most of your review and get the recognition you deserve with these handy hints.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but my […]

What’s Your Name Again?


Some parents struggle when picking a name for their kids. Not me. I had names picked out back when I was still in diapers. The oldest was going to be Aleksandra (I would call her Sasha) and the youngest Alexis. I didn’t care that the names sounded similar and pretentious. They were my names and […]

All the Times My Kids Ruined My Sex Life

romance novel vs real life

My kids don’t want any more siblings. Oh sure, they might *say* they do, but as soon as I even think about the giving the one-eyed snake a little attention, those two little cockblocks start popping up faster than a whack-a-mole. Take the other morning for example. My husband sleepily rolls over and snuggles up […]

Not All F Words Are Created Equal

Shocked woman covering her mouth with hands

The first time I said the F word, I was eight years old, and it was such a traumatic experience that I still remember it 29 years later.  There I am, standing in the school bus aisle, staring down at my arch-nemesis. I think he’s cute, he thinks I’m cute, but at 8 years old […]